Every year there are two homebrew competitions that I look forward to:  The National Homebrew Competition (NHC) and Novembeerfest.  I’m already my own worst critic, so I look forward to competitions where there’s plenty of — well… competition.  These two foot the bill.

Novembeerfest is next on the horizon, and I’ve done a reasonable job of preparing this year.  My last few beers are among the best I’ve brewed.  These include Anchors Away Ale, Absconder Stout, and Oktoberfest.  I have a couple of fringe beers that I also plan to submit, but I don’t expect much from them.  As it is, I’m submitting the Anchors Away Ale in a different category than its intended style.

A while ago I made the decision to submit competition brews using only new bottles.  When I gave one of my best beers to a friend and he said he had to dump it because it was so bad, I swore off of reused bottles for any beer I cared about, and that happens to be any beer I brew.  This has encouraged me to have a couple of cases of “submission-ready” 12 ounce bottles on hand at any time.

It’s also where the Blichmann Beer Gun shines.  Thanks to a donation from my dad, the Beer Gun was the first piece of Blichmann gear I ever purchased, and it’s brilliant!  Look for me to discuss it in another post.


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