The State of the MVBCo Address

Over the past year I’ve been working towards opening a brewery.  I’ve looked into the possibility of brewing out of my garage.  I’ve moved into and out of an old commercial space downtown.  I’ve talked with other brewers about brewing on their equipment for a fee.  Ultimately, I’m still deciding what is going to work for me.

The company, Madera Verde Brewing Co, LLC, is just over a year old.  Over the past year, I built a scale-able pilot brewing system to replace my original all-grain homebrew gear and allow me to produce more consistent beer.  I also invested in a brewing laboratory, giving me the tools to efficiently collect, harvest and propagate yeasties.  Just a few weeks ago, I supported Penny Arcade’s Kickstarter goal to go ad-free, and earned the bonus of having the PA marketing staff produce a logo for MVBCo.

Every week, people ask me, “When will I be able to buy your beer?”  The answer is always the same: “As soon as I get my license.”  I’ve stopped trying to estimate when that will be.  There are many paths to my goal, and when that path becomes clear you will be the first to know.


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